5 Reasons You Should Consider a Multi-tiered Deck

multi-tiered deck

It is what it sounds like – a deck with multiple levels. And its purpose is similar to that of a single-level deck, but with more options. The added square footage to your home’s upper story allows for a safe and private place to relax at any time- under the sun in the day and beneath the stars at night. The additional landings also break up the long flight of stairs, making for a better ascent/descent in terms of practicality and safety.  The right design can take your needs into account and provide you with an expanded living space that is comfortable in any type of weather. Whether you decide to build it using your own power tools, or hire a professional contractor, here are five reasons why a multi-tiered deck may be the key to taking your home to a whole other level- and why that’s advantageous.

Maximum space

You can avoid crowded furniture and cramped hang-outs by spacing everything out on two levels. You can sit on your gazebo swing and actually let it swing without worrying about kicking the lawn chair in front of you. There’s absolutely no need to expand outward onto expensive property, because you’re building layers one on top of the other rather than creating an overwhelmingly massive single deck. This way, you’re also avoiding people jams. Even when crowding is anticipated, it can be managed with the multiple decks. At the next family get together, you can have one level for eating and another one for socializing

More decorating options

Can’t decide on a colour for the deck? Use a different one for each level. There are multiple ways to design a deck, and two decks mean twice the fun in decorating and coordinating. There’s more room for flower pots, statues, benches and other lawn furniture, taking both levels into account, and each level can be laid out differently.

Railings can and should be installed for both practicality and for style- not only can they look good, but they can afford you privacy, as well as something to hold onto to prevent falls.

Different levels for different purposes

The barbeque can be set up on one level, coexisting with a separate dining level. You wouldn’t have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone in attendance and inhale barbeque fumes together as you wait for your meal- you can make the food on one level and eat it on the other. Or maybe you’re not in a barbeque mood. Maybe you’re in the mood to read quietly in the sun while the kids play in the pool. They can do so contently without splashing you and your book.

Whether or not there are kids in the house, private levels can be ideal and desirable. These can consist of a fire pit, a hammock, or anything necessary to ensure a good time away from prying eyes.

Boost your property values

Make use of the space in your backyard that was previously thought to be unusable due to the slope in the ground. Higher decks don’t require perfectly flat ground, so you can still take advantage of the area and have an ideal outdoor deck. You can do so without having to consult with your neighbours or intrude on their views.

Spend time outside regardless of the weather

Use the upper level to spend time in the sun and the lower level for shade, depending on what you’re doing. Tanning and star-gazing require you to be closer to the sky, and an upper-story deck makes that easy. On the other hand, the lower level provides shelter from rain, snow, and the sun on sweltering hot days.

Upper decks can also be covered, if you so desire. A sun room can be created on either story, and patios can be enclosed with the addition of a ceiling in order to create a room that can be used year-round, with or without insulation.

Leverage Your New Sewing Machine To The Max

Following on from our earlier article on getting the right sewing machine. We now look at what you should do with it.

Having bought a new sewing machine, the next challenge is to actually set it up and use it. This sounds easy, but the reality is that modern sewing machines are complex and if you have very little experience with them then they can in fact be quite daunting. You have taken the big step of purchasing one, but now you have to take the next step and actually use it. For more on getting a great sewing machine go here.

How To Avoid Most Problems With Your New Sewing Machine

The problem that most people with new sewing machines face is that they want to do high quality sewing on their new machine, when in fact their first efforts are actually likely to be fairly poor with many mistakes. This is not something that should worry you. No-one gets to professional standards without lots of trial and error along the way and it will be the same for you too.

The key is to pick an easy first sewing project. What does easy mean? Well, basically you want to do something that is not too important, something that does not use expensive material and if it all goes terribly wrong then you won’t be too concerned.

Pick The Right First Project

The first thing you should think about is the type of material you use. Not all material works the same on a sewing machine. So you want to make sure that you learn with an easy material. Our recommendation is for that choice to be cotton. Cotton is relatively easy to get hold of and not too expensive.

It is available in lots of colors and patterns. It takes stitching well and perhaps best of all it does not stretch when being run through the sewing machine. This is an important point as you will have your concentration fully on other areas and with your first sewing project you want to keep the number of controllable variables down to a minimum.

You should try to pick a project that has lots of straight seams. This is an extension of the controllable items point above. Straight seams allow you to get used to using your new sewing machine without having to concentrate on curves and angles when stitching.

The final aspect of your first sewing project is to make it small. Not necessary small in size, but make sure that the project is easy to finish in a relatively short period of time. This will boost your confidence and ensure that you do not get too frustrated as there are lots of areas relating to setting up the machine and getting the stitching right which will cause you some concern at first.

One suggestion for an ideal first project is to try doing pillow covers.

Not necessarily the external pillowcase, but a cover for the pillow which would sit over the pillow but inside the pillowcase. This is relatively easy, lots of straight seams and the finished product would be out of sight, if everything is not quite right, at least it wouldn’t be in full view. If you are feeling a little more ambitious, then a simple skirt is also a good starter project.

Weed Eater Buying Guide

Living in a house provides more rooms and space, but also more work to do. The yard is a reason for which many couples prefer it, especially as it is a perfect place for children and pets. Many people know and have already experienced how fast the grass grows. However, it is mandatory to keep the yard look nice and for this, you require a practical tool to suit your needs. The best weed eater is the one that manages to ease your work. Purchasing the right one for you may be a bit challenging as there are different types with certain functions. This means that choosing one randomly can only provide a negative experience and can turn out to be useless.

weed-eater-3The weed eater is a versatile tool that can help you keep the yard tidy. It has an intelligent design, allowing you to reach even small places and get rid of unwanted bushes. The operational system is quite easy, and you must not be a professional in order to use if effectively. The grass is cut by a nylon string that is spun by a motor at a very high speed. Remember not to get fooled by the material as it is very powerful, and you can easily cut yourself if you do not pay attention. Fortunately, it can be maneuvered with ease, so there should be no problem keeping it at a safe distance from your body. In order to make sure that you choose the best weed eater for your house, check out this guide to learn more about this product.

Advantages of Best Weed Eaters

The main purpose of weed eaters is to cut of grass and weeds. Besides this basic use, there are other great advantages of owning such a product:

  • You can cut even thorny vines without hurting yourself, thus prevent them from  spreading;
  • You can trim at an optimum size small shrubs and bushes;
  • You can mulch leaves. All you need to do is to hold it against the ground for a few seconds;
  • You can carry it with ease. This is also available for the best string trimmer, as it allows you to move freely in every corner of the yard.

Types of Weed Eaters

Before choosing the right product for your yard it is important to understand how it works and how it can be efficient for you. To be more precise, the three types of weed eaters are:

  • Electric
  • Battery powered
  • Gas powered

Electric weed eaters

weed-eater-2Electric weed eaters are a perfect choice for small yards and lawns. Their mobility is restricted by an electric cord. In order to choose the best string trimmer remember to calculate the distance from the outlet to the end of the yard. Make sure that the extension cord can cover the whole surface.

The main advantages of owning such a device are the fact that they are lighter in weight than the other two types, and they are also quieter. In order to start them, you only need to press a button. Another great thing about electric trimmers is the fact that they are environmental friendly as they do not emit any type of gas.

Battery powered trimmers

Battery powered trimmers are very light and do not make any type of noise. The main advantage of these devices is their portability. They can be taken anywhere and are helpful tools even in prolonged power outage situations. It is important to know that you will need to replace the battery once it is dried out. Furthermore, it is strongly advisable to own an extra one, especially if there is much work to do, as it may burn.

Gas powered weed eaters

Gas powered weed eaters are the most powerful among the three types. This means that you can use them for a heavy duty without worrying that they may burn. The motor is powered by gas or a mixture of oil and gas. If you want a certain type remember to check the model’s details. The main advantage of gas powered trimmers is the fact that they are not restricted by anything and can reach even the most distant edge of the yard.

They are also a perfect choice for fields near the house or for homes with a wide yard. Remember that the string can break due to the heavy use so it is highly advisable to buy extra nylon cord when you purchase this type of weed eater. The main disadvantages of gas powered devices are the fact that they produce a louder noise and are heavier than the other two models.

Tips for Choosing the Best Weed Eater

In order to choose the best weed eater you must start by analyzing your needs. This implies the surface that needs to be trimmed as well as the quality of the grass and weed. Besides these aspects, remember to consider the following tips:

  • Decide on a certain type. There are three types of weed eaters available: electric, gas powered and battery powered. The first one requires to be connected to a socket in order to be functional, while the other two are 100% independent.
  • Decide on the features. Each design comes with certain features included in order to ease your work. An important aspect that must not be neglected is the ability to be adjusted. This includes both the height and the handles. If you have small children make sure that there are safety measures included in order to prevent unwanted injuries.
  • Make sure that it is useful. The utility is extremely important, and this includes the weight. If you know that you have some back problems, or you are not allowed to lift avoid purchasing a heavy device as you may not be able to use it. Remember to check the measurements and specifications and see how the motor in powered, and if it is convenient for you.
  • Check the reviews. The best indicator of a product is the reviews of people that have actually bought it. Once you have decided on a certain product remember to check if what you buy is what you receive.


Trimming the yard is a common activity. It provides a safe playground for children and also enhances the aspect of your home. Choosing the best weed eater can turn out to be pretty easy if you consider certain aspects. Their purpose is to ease your work by providing a fast and effective usage. Avoid making a purchase without analyzing the surface of the garden and the frequency you need to trim it. These devices are designed to last as long as you use them as indicated. Remember to choose a product that it is covered by a convenient warranty.

Starting A Sewing Business

Although this is predominantly a site about poems and creative writing, we occasionally intend to cover some topics that both interest us and think are useful for our readership to know about. In this instance we are covering a topic we know is close to the heart of all budding poets and writers; the ability to make money from home, leaving them both the time and the flexibility to write as well as earn a living. Read and enjoy.

Are you thinking about starting a sewing business from home, but how do you go about turning your skill into a successful business?

There is no point in ignoring one of the most basic steps – that is a business plan as you need to know where you are going, what to do if things go wrong and what your aims are.

The Entreupreneur SlipcoverIf you are working from home, the only extra finance you may need will be for a heavier duty sewing machine, perhaps one with all the ‘bells and whistles’. However, your existing machine should do to start with.

You will need insurance if you work outside or inside the home. Just think about the possible consequences if you spill paint down a wedding dress on th eve of the wedding! Liability insurance is not always that expensive, but could prove a lifesaver.

Contact your local government offices to check to see what licences you need to work from home. These may differ dependant on where you live. Make sure you always keep financial records of everything safe, and try and get in the habit of doing your accounts regularly so you don’t get a build up.

An important consideration is to set your pricing correctly. You need a realistic but competitive pricing structure that allows you some flexibility. Make it clear up front that this is a price for the work they have asked for and that if anything extra is done, you reserve the right to charge accordingly. People will try these things so be aware.

If you are starting a sewing business you need to consider your marketing plan. There is no need to pay out thousands of dollars to launch a home-based sewing business but you really should invest in some business cards to give out to everyone. Have some flyers printed and get them out locally so people know you are in business.

Although it may not get you a lot of work, an Internet presence these days is almost an essential to display your work. Most people know someone who is good at putting together at least a basic web page so just ask. However, word-of-mouth will be the most important way to get business so make sure you treat your clients properly and they will refer you and keep coming back.

Changing your hobby into a business and starting a sewing business from home is a good way to exploit your skill. Business may take a while to take off but hold on, word-of-mouth takes time to populate. Good luck!

For more information check out this useful video: