5 Reasons You Should Consider a Multi-tiered Deck

multi-tiered deck

It is what it sounds like – a deck with multiple levels. And its purpose is similar to that of a single-level deck, but with more options. The added square footage to your home’s upper story allows for a safe and private place to relax at any time- under the sun in the day and beneath the stars at night. The additional landings also break up the long flight of stairs, making for a better ascent/descent in terms of practicality and safety.  The right design can take your needs into account and provide you with an expanded living space that is comfortable in any type of weather. Whether you decide to build it using your own power tools, or hire a professional contractor, here are five reasons why a multi-tiered deck may be the key to taking your home to a whole other level- and why that’s advantageous.

Maximum space

You can avoid crowded furniture and cramped hang-outs by spacing everything out on two levels. You can sit on your gazebo swing and actually let it swing without worrying about kicking the lawn chair in front of you. There’s absolutely no need to expand outward onto expensive property, because you’re building layers one on top of the other rather than creating an overwhelmingly massive single deck. This way, you’re also avoiding people jams. Even when crowding is anticipated, it can be managed with the multiple decks. At the next family get together, you can have one level for eating and another one for socializing

More decorating options

Can’t decide on a colour for the deck? Use a different one for each level. There are multiple ways to design a deck, and two decks mean twice the fun in decorating and coordinating. There’s more room for flower pots, statues, benches and other lawn furniture, taking both levels into account, and each level can be laid out differently.

Railings can and should be installed for both practicality and for style- not only can they look good, but they can afford you privacy, as well as something to hold onto to prevent falls.

Different levels for different purposes

The barbeque can be set up on one level, coexisting with a separate dining level. You wouldn’t have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone in attendance and inhale barbeque fumes together as you wait for your meal- you can make the food on one level and eat it on the other. Or maybe you’re not in a barbeque mood. Maybe you’re in the mood to read quietly in the sun while the kids play in the pool. They can do so contently without splashing you and your book.

Whether or not there are kids in the house, private levels can be ideal and desirable. These can consist of a fire pit, a hammock, or anything necessary to ensure a good time away from prying eyes.

Boost your property values

Make use of the space in your backyard that was previously thought to be unusable due to the slope in the ground. Higher decks don’t require perfectly flat ground, so you can still take advantage of the area and have an ideal outdoor deck. You can do so without having to consult with your neighbours or intrude on their views.

Spend time outside regardless of the weather

Use the upper level to spend time in the sun and the lower level for shade, depending on what you’re doing. Tanning and star-gazing require you to be closer to the sky, and an upper-story deck makes that easy. On the other hand, the lower level provides shelter from rain, snow, and the sun on sweltering hot days.

Upper decks can also be covered, if you so desire. A sun room can be created on either story, and patios can be enclosed with the addition of a ceiling in order to create a room that can be used year-round, with or without insulation.